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I absolutely dislike meal time with my 2 1/2 year old. Feeding time from birth has been a constant struggle! No matter how hard I try to be calm and patient we usually end up in tears! Mostly her in tears and me enraged! I've cried too! I let her do her own thing and play with her food. Eventually though, I see that she is not eating a heck of a lot but rather just playing. Then at this point, I begin to feed her. I've asked my mom who helps out now and again to not make a big deal out of meal time; as she tends to get super animated, play and entertain my daughter. It's so annoying for me because I work so hard to try and establish a sense of independence with my daughter feeding herself and then those few times my mom gets involved ruins everything. My daughter knows that I get tense around meal time and plays me so much. Is it wrong for me to not want to be part of her meal times anymore to avoid any phycological damage towards her and food?


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Louise - posted on 05/24/2010




At 21/2 your daughter is old enough to eat by herself so give her her food and sit away from her. If she is hungry she will eat it. After half an hour take the food away and put it to one side. Take off her bib and let her go and play. If she shows interest in her food let her eat it. After another half an hour take the food away and throw it out. Do this every meal and she will soon learn that if she does not eat it when it is on offer she will not get fed. Do not give her anything at snack time that is flling. Do not give a snack from breakfast to lunch just a small snack in the afternoon but no later than two hours before dinner. This snack should be a few cheerios or a small handful of grapes or raisins. Do not give her eye contract when she is eating just sit and read a paper or something so that she does not play up because she knows this is what you are expecting. If you show your daughter that you are not bothered wheather she eats or not it takes the stress of her to eat. If she does manage to eat something give her lots of praise and a cuddle. Children will not starve themselves so if she does not eat it is because she is really is not hungry. Don't stress out as she will pick up on this and meal times will become torture for you both. Relax.

Rebecca - posted on 05/23/2010




well what exactly are you feeding her? have you tried cheerios or kix, my little girl loves eating those, and what about little pieces of banana's? the texture of the banana would be something new for her.

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