Milk from a Sippy cup?

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My 14 month old daughter refuses to take her milk from anything but her bottles HOWEVER she takes everything else in a sippy cup! I am baffled. I have tried everything I can think of and she just won't have it. She will go all day without milk. We have been trying for two months and have bought six different kinds of cups. We even bought a cup that coverts from a bottle to a sippy and she wouldn't try it. What do I do? We go to the pediatrician in a few weeks and I know I'm going to be yelled at!! We sit down and hold her and feed her her milk three times a day. She has never slept with the bottle so that's not an issue.


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Maybe try a sippy with a straw? My son loves those and will drink anything out of them, even water, which was our issue before the straws....They are also spill proof. We bought Gerber but they make other brands that are spill proof.

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You could try just having one special milk bottle a day and offering milk in the sippy the rest of the day. We stopped bottles completely at one year, except for the bedtime bottle (my son was actually still on formula for weight gain) . He knew he would still get one bottle and that special cuddle time with Mama and it was a great bedtime routine. I don't think at 14m it is a big problem or the pediation will be too upset. Once a child has teeth then the bottle weaning should start because it is not good for thier teeth or speech development, but there has to be time aloted to actually do so, and I've never known a child who got ALL thier teeth at once! :-) Keep trying but don't worry!

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Why would the Pediatrician be upset?? My son was 18mths before he gave up his bottle. My girlfriends son is 3.5yrs and still has his 3 bottles a day. She's still so little and soon will be a big girl and you'll miss those bottle cuddles. I say hang on to them as long as you can. Its not doing her any harm and if its not worrying you then why change it?

But if it is a problem for her then you could try giving her water with a drop of milk in it. Increase the milk and reduce the water until eventually its all milk. This would take anywhere up to a month. So start with 1/4 milk, 3/4 water for a few days, increase it bit by bit as much as she will allow. Until she is only drinking straight milk. If that makes any sense?

Seriously though if its not an issue for you then don't worry about it. She will eventually ween herself off of it. As long as you make sure you don't let the bottle sit in her mouth (causing tooth decay) then your not doing anything wrong by letting her have it.

Good luck with the pediatrician! =)


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Thank you all for your comments! Katie has 10 teeth already and two more coming in. She hasn't figured out the straw thing yet. I keep trying but she thinks its just fun to bite. =) I have always heard to take your kid off the bottle by 12 months so I felt awful when she was still taking it at 14. I am going to keep offering her a milk cup everyday and eventually she will give in. I just thought it would be easier than this! Thanks for your help. I feel less bad now!

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i agree with Dorothy! Just keep trying it.. its pretty much all you can do. You can make sure gets her milk / calcium intake through other sources like cheese and yogurt.

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Well it seems she has associated milk drinking with her bottle. I would not stress out over it. When she is ready she will leave the bottle alone. As they get older the need for milk will decrease. Especially once she is on solid foods. (depending on the amount of teeth she has). Do not compare, nor allow your child to be compared to others who may have given up the bottle for the sippy cup. Somethings we are just not able to control with our children. When they give up the bottle is one. Try to offer her the milk in cup and one day she will take it. Enjoy your baby.

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