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What do I do about my mil??? She over the last three years has made mine and my husbands life a living hell. She finally did something that in my mind is unforgivalbe. She call DCFS (department of child and family services). When they came in they found nothing but laundry and dishes. The guy that did it said our house was one of the best he had seen in a long time. So he had to call his boss and tell them that it was a false report. Even though he couldn't tell us who called we knew who it was. So when my husband confronted her about it she lied, until she got mixed up and gave herself away. Then she told my husband that she made the call because she was mad at me for not fold and hanging up the girls clothes. And that she had even called back and told them not to come because all she was trying to do was scare me into folding the laundry instead of keeping it in baskets(which are labeled for each kid and when I put them in the dresser they just pull them all out).
I'm really mad that she did that. She went after me through my kids and through a goverment agency. She knew the kids were fine and very well taken care of and all she wanted to do was get to me!!! She even told my husband that and that she thinks that he needs to chose her or me!!! My husband and I have agree that she is no longer going to be apart of our or our childerns lives. Are we doing the right thing???


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Samantha - posted on 02/02/2010




the others are right. but u deffinetley need to have the conversation with your husband about if u guys want your mil in the pic later on in life. because they will start asking why all of a sudden they dont see her anymore.

Robin - posted on 01/31/2010




I think you absolutely did the right thing! I would think about and talk to your husband whether or not your mil is a good person to have around your kids. She sounds like a woman with some serious issues..what she did was unforgivable on so many levels that I can't state them all here. Maybe also you should discuss with your husband what you will tell your kids (if they ask) why they don't see grandma anymore...if you choose to not have her in their lives.

Katherine - posted on 01/31/2010




What she did was unforgivable, and I'm completely stunned, but before you make any decisions about your mil think about the relationship your kids have with their grandmother. It's an important decision and one you can't undo.

Oh and if she really wants her son to choose between her and his family, perhaps he needs to have a chat with her and tell her in no uncertain terms that his family will win? Good luck.

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