Monsters and Ghosts! Imaginations running wild! Solutions?

Lynsey - posted on 03/15/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 year old is convinced there are monsters in his room and refuses to fall asleep in his bed. Before this, he was very easy to put to sleep at night. Our doctor has suggested "Monster Spray" (filling a spray bottle with water and spraying around the room to make them monsters go away). It's only a temporary fix before he comes running out of his room saying "I scared!!" Does anyone have any other suggestion to help us get through this phase? I know it's a kid thing, but the sooner he stops falling asleep on the couch...the better.


Jennifer - posted on 04/04/2010




Maybe try asking him to draw pictures of the monsters and then get him to crumple them up and throw them away or rip them up.Then tell him that they're gone and not going to bother him anymore. Never had this problem with my son but that's what I would try first. Or maybe buy him a special picture or item (angel?) and hang it above his bed to scare the monsters away. Good luck!

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