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We will be moving out of state soon and I am worried about the affects of it on my children. They are 3 and 1. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to make this transition as smooth as possible.


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We recently moved and my son's toys was the last thing to pack and the first thing to unpack. We also set his bedroom up immediately so that he'd have a place to call his own. He did surprisingly well. We talked about our new house and going to our new house for weeks. He was pretty excited for a 2 year old. Good luck to you.

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We moved to another town about three hours drive from our son's home town and to be honest it took him a good three to four months to get used to the new place and all the places you go, playgroup, music, town are unfamiliar. One thing we think has helped is take some pictures of the old house, his bedroom, the garden etc and talk about it whenever something relevant comes up. We bought a couple of books about the region we come from with photos of the beach, forest etc so he can remember what it was like and have a link to the past.

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Remember your kids will be watching (and feeling) you. They read us very well. If you are feeling great and your spirit is at peace with the move, then you children will love the new home! My parents packed up my family when I was 8, we moved from Ontario -Nova Scotia. BIG MOVE!!! My parents were happy with their decision and I don't remember feeling bad or negative about the move at all. We had talked about it a lot before we sold our home, when the SOLD sign was put up, we were all excited!! I have moved my children around a few times in their short little lives, they are always nervous, but feel good about a new experience, friends, school. Make it a positive experience to share with your children, not a decision that you and your husband made without your children. You will be fine and your kids will love your new home!!


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Hi, I have moved twice, and I found it a lot easier on the moving day and night that they stayed at my Mums, as he is always happy their. Or anyone else they have stayed with over night before and you know they are happy there. It is always less stressful for them aswell as you. Then you can also make sure all there favourite things are in their new room and it wont feel like they have left everything behind. Hope this helps and good luck, I know how stressful it is xx

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