My 1 yr old has headlice

Laura - posted on 07/15/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




does anyone know whether i can use headlice treatment on her hair or if there is something else i can do to get rid of them?


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check with your pediatrician.

to prevent head lice in the future you can use tea tree oil - put a dab on your finger, then touch your finger to the base of the head of your child - put it on their hair, not the skin. just a touch - this stuff is VERY potent! and then go wash your it once a day, after shower/bath.

Jen - posted on 07/16/2010




take her to the docs they will prescribe sumthing for it. also my mum used cider vinager on my hair they do not like tht it dnt kill them but it washes them out then use use a treament. but ask ur doctor first

Chivell - posted on 08/08/2010




All you need is a bottle of conditioner and a lice comb its the cheaper and it smells a whole let better then the head lice treatment.

You jus put the conditioner in there hair and comb the lice right out :D

Also if you can buy delvashin (not sure on the spelling) its good for there hair and a good prevention of gettin head lice as it makes there hari shiny and smooth so the head lice cant cling to the hair.

Tracy - posted on 08/06/2010




Tea tree shampoo is suppost to be useful as a preventative measure but ask pharmasist before applying, I have always just used thick conditioner and a bone comb, this does depend if your child has long hair. Does your child attend nursery etc as this can be common when she is in contact with other children. Headlice can not jump this is a myth they also die when out with hair for a period of time as they require blood to survive. I would wash her bedding etc

Deborah - posted on 07/15/2010




I would check with your local pharmacist or pediatrician about treatment. But you also have to clean the entire house, Because lice travels fast and can live anywhere. Try a google search for an exact list of things to clean and how to clean them. Good luck.


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