My 11 week old baby hates riding in the car or pram. She cries bitterly. How can I get her to enjoy it and make it less stressfull on mum? She has lots of


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Christina - posted on 11/27/2008




Children's CD is a great idea. Eventually you'll learn the words and sing along with it. My boys love that! Also, you can get some cool attachments for your carrier car seat for the baby to look at and interact with. I have 2 different ones that I alternate with. I just picked mine up at Wal-Mart. BabysRUs also carries stuff like that. I also have a baby safe mirror attached to the seat in front of each of my boys. They like to see their own reflection and it helps you to see them from the front seat. They have some very colourful ones with pictures around it which just adds to the fun. I would also suggest to check out the tightness of the straps in the car seat. My guys hated it when the straps were a bit snug. They liked theirs a bit on the looser side (but still safe). I think that most babies go through a stage where they hate being in the car. Eventually they grow out of it. I think they need a bit of reassurance that we are still in the car with them. That's why a music CD, singing to them and talking to them is a good idea.

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you can try a children's Cd. It seemed to always help my girls or invest in a car dvd or portable one so she can watch a movie in the car. They always seem to enjoy it and it relaxes them.

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