My 15 month old won't self feed.

Kim - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 month old son refuses to feed himself. He puts everything in his mouth except for food. I've tried showing him how to put food in his mouth by putting what he's eating in my mouth and making sure he see me chew it. All he does is pick it up and either play with it or drop it on the floor. He'll eat it only if I put it on a spoon and feed it to him. I've given him Graduates puffs and crunchies hoping he would figure it out, but he does the same thing - plays with it or drops it on the floor. I know most toddlers self feed by this age so I'm getting concerned. Any suggestions would be great!


Carmen - posted on 09/24/2010




Hi Kim,

Enjoy while your son still let's you feed him! Once they refuse and the yoghurt splats all over the furniture you wish old times back. Nikki is now 18 months, was premmie 10 weeks so would also actually be 15 1/2 months. He only just started every now and again to self feed. Mostly he still enjoys being fed (and I am so glad!) it goes much quicker and less messy. Don't worry really. Most toddlers self feed at 15 months? Not that I know of. I think most don't, some start. They do things in their own time and yours is still on track, relax.

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