my 16 month old daughter wont eat any meat

Heather - posted on 03/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i try to give my daughter meat but its only about 1 time a week that she will eat it any suggestions


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Tonya - posted on 03/02/2010




does she have a favorite dish such as spaghetti? or mac n chees? you can try (as was suggested already) mixing it with other dishes. do you n you spouse/so eat a lot of meat? kids are picky but if they realize they can make it a "battle of the wills" so to speak that will make it even worse. as long as she is eating healthy foods and getting protein from other sources she should be ok. just keep encouraging her to eat it. Also if she like's ranch or BBQ sauce u might try letting her put all of her meats in something like that. it may sound gross to us but at least she'll be eating it. my 2 year old likes to put strawberry jelly in grits. since she can't have butter or eggs due to an allergy at least it gives her something to eat at breakfast time. Check on line for recipes that include meat but can be hidden inside of something else. best of luck!!

Bethanie - posted on 03/02/2010




What kind have you tried with her? Hotdogs, lunch meat, freshly cooked meat? You could try hiding it in things like quesadilla's, in a grilled cheese. My son used to not like to eat his beef hotdog until I started offering him a little organic ketchup to dip it in. Will she eat meat if it's mixed in with a bunch of other things, like in chili, pot pie, shephards pie or a stew? My son is still quite picky with meat but only when he can pick it out. When it's mixed in with a bunch of other tasty things, he doesn't bother trying to take it out cause he's usually shoveling it in too fast! :) If none of those tricks work, some other good sources of protein are eggs, tofu (I'm not a fan), beans, lentils and Quinoa. Check out this site, too: Good luck!

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