my 19 month old daughter is always trying to take her clothes off...I let her have her shirt off at home..but I am just waiting for the day she tries at our playgroup!!!!?????


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Krissie - posted on 02/22/2009




hi this seems to be normal my first daughter did this at home and my youngest loves having no clothes on especially after a bath, enjoy and she will grow out of it.

good luck

Kelly - posted on 02/21/2009




my daughter loves beening naked we make her keep underwear on but most days as soon as she is home from nursery she takes her top off i think she feels better am sure she will grow out of it and am not to worried she has never tryed it at nursery thank god remeber kids are innocent they dont understand we dont just walk around naked there little minds are learning right and wrong all the time.

Linda - posted on 02/21/2009




This is very common with children in that age group. My daughter did and does the same thing. I believe that they just feel more comfortable without clothing. They feel free. You have to understand that they do not yet realize why human beings wear clothing. What is the point, it is so much more compfy without. If it were up to my daughter she would be full nudity at home 24/7. I allow her to take her pants and undies off, but she always has to have a shirt on. I am quite confident that she does not do this in public ie. pre-school, friends etc. I think that this is just another phase and not to worry.

[deleted account]

both of my kids, a girl and a boy, did this- I allow it at home and explain(ed) that if there is someone other than mom or dad in the house, they have to keep clothes on and that always when we are out. I say that the only ppl that they can be naked around are my husband and myself and only at home. kids enjoy not being constrained and it hasn't been that long ago for your girl that she spent all her time naked. my daughter is now ten yrs old and she grew out of it by the time she was 4, and my son is now 3 yrs old and he still wants to be naked but, less often... indulge i say-as long as you are comfortable with the idea of just a diaper or completely naked. she will grow out of it and i have to say that my ten yr old girl is much more comfortable about her self image and her body now.. she knows about puberty also... and she takes it all in stride. i don't know if her comfort with it all stems from me allowing her to do it early on but, i wasn't allowed to be naked as a child and i had image problems. i say if it isn't hurting anyone, do it.

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