MY 19 MONTH old WONT SLEEP!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Marina - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I've literally tried EVERYTHING!!! I guess it would be pointless not to list exactly what "everything" is so..
I've tried a nightlight, no nightlights, a radio, no radio, I've fed him right before he goes to bed, i've trying bathing him with the "special" sleepy bath stuff, I've also NOT given him a bath, i've tried keeping him up longer and also putting him to bed earlier i've tried Less naps, more naps, I've changed his crib mattress, added layers to make it more comfortable, I've left him to cry it out and after 3-4 hours he will pass out I tried this for 1 month and he would still wake up 4-5 times a night but would scream for hours before falling back asleep and with me working.... I NEED SOME SLEEP!!!!... He's been on the same routine since he was 2 weeks old besides me having to go back to work that is... I just dont know what to do or try? I've talked to the doctor about it and he just keeps telling me to put pabulum in his bottles... my thought... HE's 19 months old.... I dont even want him ON t he bottle anymore... PLEASE HELP ME


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Hannelore - posted on 11/25/2010




I feel you pain. MY son has been a fussy and poor sleeper since he was born. He only goes to sleep if he touches and rubs my neck...and I have tried for days in a row to just break this habit so we can move on...On one night I can push his hand off me 100 times (really, I counted!) and he is stubborn and persistent and will keep trying. If I push him away to much he gets worried I will leave and stays awake for hours, checking on me to see if I am still in bed with him.

After he finally goes to sleep, he keeps waking up, sometimes 3-4 times a night...asking for water and going to sleep only if I am in bed with him, touching my neck again. He won't accept a teddy bear or other substitute, as much as I tried to push it.

I am not working...but I am pregnant in 7 months, I am uncomfortable sleeping with him, and worried to death how I am going to deal with a newborn and my fussy toddler.

No idea how to change his sleep habit...I am not a fan of crying out routine as it really makes me sick to my stomach to hear him wailing!

So I am stuck in this too. My sympathies!

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I would ask to see a different pediatrician! see what kind of advice they give you. Is it possible your baby is suffering from acid reflux issues? this is pretty common and really affects sleep....

Ally - posted on 11/23/2010




been through 5 days of this.. it is hell i made my husband take over. i had 5 days no sleep at all.. is it due to gas or anything like that?

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