my 1yo hates getting changed exspeilly after baths its really hard tryna change ur baby when half of

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my son is a active lil 1yo mornings and nites are his most worst time when having to get him changed he used to be alrite when i use to change him now hes all over the place ,how can i stop him from having to twist his whole body over when im tryna change him??


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yes! my daughter does this too. if shes being especially stubborn then i lay her on the floor on her back and i sit on my bum in front of her and i use the balls of my feet and my toes to hold her arms down, placing my feet between her shoulders and elbows like on her upper arms and gently but firmly keep her there. she can still arch her back, but other than that, shes pretty much stuck. i actually got this tip from another mom on this site... and it works pretty well. she screams the whole time shes being changed, but at least she's still enough for her diaper to be changed.


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My daughter is terrible like this too! I'm so glad you drives me nuts and I thought she was a little freak child! Good to know she's normal! :) I generally give her things to distract her, which weorks all day except her bedtime change when she's tired and SCREAMING the whole time. I change locations for changes, too - change of scenery. Mornings are good when my son is watching his cartoonsa nd I change her in front of the tv so she can catch a glimpse of Curious George for a minute...she likes that and it settles her. But, I don't want her watching much, if any, tv, so I only do that in the mornings...Otherwise, I suffer with it! :)

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have you tried giving him something to look at while you change him, a toy or book works for me, it keeps him calm and still.

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Thankyous all so much forf all your feedback it really helps me to know there a more possible ways to help this matter...yes and so true ashely im just gonna have to tough it out untill he ready .

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My 3 yr old went through this too. Now my 17month old is going through it. I look at it as a start of signs of wanting to be potty trained. My son cannot stand to be in a soiled diaper but still hates being still to get changed. It does get rough trying to change them but it does get better, but you can introduce the potty, just a little fact do not start until you are sure he is ready by showing all the signs and can be able to tell you. We introduced the potty to my 3yr old at 19months and it took just short of a year to potty train him, he did get it down pretty fast but for some reason he decided he would start peeing outside on our deck and having accidents inside, we are still not sure why he did that but we put up the potty and waited a few months then started over again and he picked it back up very quickly and also night time potty trained in like 2 weeks. But now we ask our 17month old does he need to go potty he runs to the potty and will sit on it but doesnt do anything, but its a start.

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My son used to drive me CRAZY doing this, but he will grow out of it! Just give it time. He'll realize that he'd rather be changed than running around in a soiled diaper. My son is now 18months and if he's busy playing he won't come to me, but once I get him to lay down so I can change him, he'll lay there until I'm finished. I think this is something we just have to tough out! Good luck!

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