my 2 1/2 year old hold her breath and passes out, thiis ie very scary.


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Jessica - posted on 02/14/2010




She does this to get 16 month old hasn't gotten that far yet but she has thrown herself on the's a temper tantrum..just ignore it and she would stop when she doesn't get a reaction....Cause and effect "if i do this i get what i want"

Brandi - posted on 02/13/2010




Some kids do this as a way to try to control the situation. The passing out FORCES her to breathe. So she is not in any danger. Just ignore it and she will outgrow it or stop doing it when she realizes she gets no response. Good luck.

Charlotte - posted on 02/13/2010




My daughter does too. She is four and has passed out almost every time she cries since she was 9 months. I think she has been low on iron. Check with a trusted medical advisor, but it may help. I know a b vitamin and iron supplement has helped me. Does she do it on purpose? a supplement may still help.

Jocelyn - posted on 02/12/2010




Apparently my SIL use to do this when she was little. My MIL told me that she just grew out of it. Sorry I don't have any real advice, just know that she won't do it forever. I guess just make sure that she doesn't hit her head when she falls :S

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