My 2 1/2 year old is being very difficult on the potty training

Jaclyn - posted on 02/27/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




So he definetly knows when he pees and poops he knows that hes suppose to go on the potty but he cant grasp to tell us he needs to go till he has already soiled his underwear. For 2 days we tryed underwear and he peed in them and pooped in them all day long both days, i reminded him frequently i put him on the toilet even when he didnt have to go and he would still not go. He will sit on the toilet but thats it he wont go. Im so frustrated i gave up and we are back to diapers today i feel awful and im at a loss, im not trying to push it and i reasure him its ok to have accidents but then he has them all day long at that point wheres the down fall for him, so he pees and poops himself all day long mom just cleanes it up, im so at a loss Please Help. The worst part is i know he gets it but he just wont tell me he has to go until it is too late.


Gemma - posted on 02/27/2009




Perhapes leave it a couple of months and try again, my son was the same last summer and I tried to potty train him but like you we had accident after accident. I started potty training him again just after Christmas and he is doing brilliantly, we haven't had an accident for ages. To help with pooping on the potty I have made him a sticker chart and he chooses a sticker each time he goes and puts it on his chart when he has 7 stickers he can have a new toy or book etc, I buy the item before hand so he can see what he is working towards. Your son will get it, just maybe not for a little while longer be patient and it will all come together. lex will be 3 in April and I thought I'd be struggling to potty train him before school but over night something seemed to click! Goodluck

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