My 2 and a half daughter has recently been throwing up,she is doing it on purpose.How do I manage it


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Ceva - posted on 01/12/2010




My son did the same and kept telling me he was sick n he needed medicine!
I brought him to the doctor in case there was something really wrong n thank god there wasent but the doc had a chat with him & told him he was all better because he came to see him!! ......... Then he jus stopped!! Id get it cheaked just incase!! Gud Luck :-)

Daniele - posted on 01/12/2010




Just a quick word of caution - we always thought my niece was making herself throw up to misbehave and would punish her for it. However, we have now learned that she has severe scarring in her esophogus and stomach from acid reflux. She was making herself throw up to relieve the reflux symptoms. If it continues or your daughter acts like she has a stomach ache, see her doctor. It could be reflux and can be cured with simple medicine - nexium, prilosec, prevacid, etc.

Michelle - posted on 01/12/2010




My twins went through this stage when they were toddlers. They really did it when I was driving. Yuck. I asked my pediatrician what to do and she said they are going through a stage and eventually they did stop. My husband and I did tell the boys to stop and if they did it at home gave them time outs.

Other than telling you she is probably going through a stage and will outgrow it the only other thing I can say is talk to your pediatrician.

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My son just started doing that a few weeks ago. When I would be doing dishes or other chores he would make himself throw up. It terriried me and of course I would react and try to stop him. I figured out soon though that he was for one exploring himself and then discovered he could make me react so strongly. I began just acting like I didn't notice and it only lasted about a day after that. Good luck!

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