My 2 in a half yrs old son doesnt feel the need to talk.How do i get him to start using word?

April - posted on 11/20/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




He says Mum,papa,baby and coco(dog) But he doesnt want to try to say anything else and im just wondering if theres tips on how to get him to say more words or will this just come in time?

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Naomi - posted on 11/21/2009




Firstly turn off the TV. Kids cant interact with the TV. Then just talk to him, tell him everything you are doing as you do it. Read to him, point at pictures in the book, say the word and then ask him "can you say ........" give lots of praise. good luck!

April - posted on 11/20/2009




Sorry about that, He is 2 in a half and ive tried alot of different things to help him talk but nothing seems to be working right now. My mother tells me it probably because hes the only child and i was leniant with him but for the past year ive been pretty striked with teaching him how to use his words. Just was wondering if there was any other tips... Thanx for taking the time to answer my question and thanx for your tips!

Alicia - posted on 11/20/2009




kids start talking at all different times, but if he's saying those few words he's at a good learning age to build his vocabulary. A very helpful hint, don't give in to pointing and noises while pointing at what they want when they want something. Alot of babies will find that easier than to try and say the name of the object and most of the time parents just start hunting for the right thing that the kid is trying to ask for. When he points ask him to name the object but help him out by telling him the name of each thing that he points to and then once you do know what he is asking for try to get him to repeat the name of the object a couple of times before you give him what he is asking for. And compliment him when he does say words or tries to say words. It sometimes gets frustrating to not know what they are asking for and you want to just give in to their pointing and mumbling but in the long run it will pay off. With my daughter, being a new mom, I was more leniant with her when it came to getting her to name objects or food or whatever the case, and she about 1(simple words) and baby talk closer to 2yrs and full understandable sentences when she was close to 3; but my son, I was more strick about trying to get him to name things instead of just pointing, even if he got frustrated or I if I did, but he started talking baby words at about 8 mths and short baby sentences at 1 and he is now 2 and every where we go people get so impressed because by the way he talks they think he's about 4 or going on 4yrs old. so just be patient but stick to helping him out every chance he gives you.

Crystal - posted on 11/20/2009




You don't mention how old your son is? I'm also curious if he is an only child, or has older siblings? I know it's normal for a youngest child to be a bit delayed in speech, especially if their older siblings (or parents or other care-givers) supply them with anything they need/want without being prompted.

The biggest thing is probably just to talk to your son. Use "adult" words, not baby-talk. When you hand him a cup, say "Here's your cup, it's filled with water. You must be thirsty, so if you drink this water you'll feel better!" or whatever might apply. Have conversations with him, too. Talk in adult words, occassionally use some of his own sounds. eg : "Well, good morning little man, how are you today?" (him : Mm mum, gurgle gurgle) "Really? That sounds like you had a very good sleep. Are you ready for breakfast?" (coco! ahh ooh coco mum) "Ahh ooh coco? Yes, coco is going to have breakfast, too."

I also found sign-language helpful. My daughter knew a few signs, like "cracker" "hungry" "drink" "sleep" etc, and I think that in teaching her those she was able to link the spoken words even better to the actions.

Also, read to your son a lot. Really, the more interaction, the better.

And let him go without things if he doesn't need them. Not forever, mind you, but don't supply him with toys when he starts to act bored, try to make him ask for things occassionally.

I doubt it's a mental delay, but if it continues to worry you, don't hesitate to bring it up with his doctor, who can tell you better than I can if it's something to be concerned about or not.

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