My 2 year old daughter is a nightmare with my baby son how can i get her to not be so rough with him and not be so bothered about him?


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Susan - posted on 03/03/2009




I agree... get your little girl to help out.  Another thing I heard that really seemed to help my son adjust to his baby brother is that whenever they are both upset, crying, etc, go to your oldest first and soothe them.  They will remember it and feel important and as long as your baby is safe, it won't do them any harm to cry for a few extra minutes.  Then you can go together to see what will soothe the baby.  Whenever you feed the baby, sit your daughter beside you and read her a book, etc so she is not feeling apart from you and left out during those times too.  Good luck!

April - posted on 03/02/2009




Involve your little girl and help her to understand that she is still loved just as much. Try to even your attention out. I know it's hard at times but when a friend or family member is around, let them take the baby and you play with your little girl. JUst make her feel like she is a big helper and a big sister!

Christina - posted on 03/02/2009




Hiya Caroline

How about letting your daughter help a little when your doing things with your son like feeding bathing, dressed and changing. She may feel that her little brother is taking all your attention and is doing it out of jelousy. If shes helping you look after she may not feel as left out and as she's helping look after your son it might make her be more gental with him

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