My 2 year old is sucking her two fingers, i have done everything a mother can think of. Does anyone have a suggestion for me????


Tanya Bauer - posted on 01/31/2009




there is nothing wrong with her sucking on her fingers. She will grow out of it eventually. There are creams that taste yucky and there is a guard I believe, but I wouldn't use them. It means she still needs something to sooth her. My little girl will be 2 in March and she still has her pacifier and will past that since her little sister is coming in March also.


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my husband actually did this as a child and he just grew out of it! my first son also started to do it but every time he did we just took his attention away from it with something he needed his hands for and he eventually stopped as well. we also substituted a binky for the fingers and that was alot easier to wean him off of then his fingers! dont worry she will eventually grow out of it and if not talk with her pedi and i am sure they will have some suggestions! you could always try that stuff they put on people that chew there nails to make them stop! worst case sceniro. well hope that helps!

Evangelina - posted on 01/31/2009




Quoting Rispah:

My 2 year old is sucking her two fingers, i have done everything a mother can think of. Does anyone have a suggestion for me????

my  2 year   old  does the same  even to the point where he makes  himself gag    i try  by distracting him with  a toy a favourite  song  ..sometimes  i put some music on  and dance with him....  for  yourself  try  these things   i have a feeling it will work  especially the dancing and singing a song part  lil girls  loves    music,....      we only know as moms  what  to do...     talk to you soon  let me know if it works,,,   evagelia   barr...

Christina - posted on 01/31/2009




I am with the school of thought that says they will stop eventually when they are ready. At some point it will occur to them that not everyone else on the playground is sucking their fingers. My three year old daughter sucks her fingers and has been asking to have her fingernails painted lately. I tell her that we can't paint her fingernails until she stops sucking on them (at which point she will promptly put them in her mouth). . . and that she can let me know when she is ready to stop, and then we'll pick out fingernail polish.

I have also shown her that the fingernails on those fingers don't look as nice as her others. Not trying to shame her, just matter-of-fact so she starts to realize that it might not be good to do forever.

Jo - posted on 01/31/2009




oh my god hi i have a 5yr old and a 2 yr old and both suck there 2 fingers yes thats a hard one as you can take a dummy away but not the fingers i tell my oldest to take his fingers out he does then in a short while he will put them back in it is a comfort but more of a habbit now with the oldest........ tk care jo!

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