My 2 year old keeps running out of her classroom at daycare.

Hope - posted on 03/08/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




What should I 2 yr old keeps running away from her teacher at school and running out of her classroom repeatedly. I have gone to the school several times and disciplined her. I have taken her TV out of her room....movies are her favorite. I have explained to her that big girls don't do that and the dangers of running away. It's like nothing is working. She tells me when I drop her off that she is not going to run away. Is it wrong of me to make her go to her room tonight and not letting her play with anything?


Carrie - posted on 07/13/2011




I am having the same problem with my son that just turned 3 years old. He keeps running out of the classroom and has even got out of the building once. We had a meeting with the director because i also thought it was their responsibility to keep him safe. We have put childproof locks on all doors at home but at daycare they said that it is a fire marshall code violation to have them locked from the inside. He has had issues with this previously each time he changes classrooms but this is a much larger class and he is really having trouble adjusting. Not only is he taking off out of the classroom but he has started biting the teacher which is way out of his character. He is really good at home but has just been a terror at school. He is an only child right now and could be some of the issue. He knows he is not suppose to go out of the classroom but at 3 doesn't understand the dangers of it all. Our daycare is working with us but has mentioned if he does continue this behavoir then we may have to seek an alternative daycare. It is so frustrating because is usually a great kid but for some reason he is acting up at daycare. He really seems happy there and i hate to move him to another daycare in case it worsens the situation since he struggles with adjusting as it is. We try to talk to him and he also tells us he will be good and not run but so far he just doesn't understand the consequences. Any ideas to help us and him?

Elizabeth - posted on 04/07/2011




Children at age 2 do not get discipline that isn't IMMEDIATE..taking her tv away doesn't phase her one bit..she doesn't get it..and btw wth is she doing with her own TV I don't have one in my room! lol

Another thing..isn't it the responsibility of the daycare to watch her and provide a safe environment for children to grow in..don't they have gates up for goodness sakes.

Yes it is wrong..she doesn't have a clue why you are punishing her..when you see her run out..put her in timeout right then and there..that is an immediate response.

Kids don't come with manuals but come on she's baby

Louise - posted on 03/09/2011




I think you are being a bit harsh here. Your baby has been on this planet for 24 months she does not understand about safety.This is the problem of the school and they should be doing something about it not you. It is a childs natural instinct to run after it's mother or try to get out. Maybe she is not happy there or you have made it such an issue she has made it into a game. Try and explain simply that you want her to stay in the room and it makes you sad that she keeps running out. If she is able to tell you why she is running out try asking her. Don't punish her for this she is just a baby. As she gets older she will realise why mummy leaves her and that she is safe at daycare but until then it is the day cares responsibility to keep her safe and help her to adjust to nursery.


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If she is able to run away from the teachers and escape out of the classroom.... I'd be switching schools. There is no way a 2 year old should be able to get away w/ that if they are being supervised and having proper precautions in place. Also, if you are having to go to the school to discipline your child.... she's in the wrong school.

I do not think I would be punishing her at all.... though certainly tell her that it isn't ok to be doing that. It really just sounds like she either needs to be home w/ you.... or at a place that is capable of keeping her safe and helping her learn appropriate behaviors.

Sinclairbrooks - posted on 03/10/2011




Two? She is two and in "school" and you have been there to discipline her? She is TWO, correct? You took the TV out of your two year old's room? Your two year old has a tv in her room? Is that for when she doesn't like what you guys are watching in the living room? I think you are trying to treat this child like she is WAY older than she is. Seriously. You want to send a two year old to her room & tell her not to play? You need to take some classes.

Dawn - posted on 03/09/2011




Yeah, two is much too young for those expectations or discipline.......everything Louise said!!!

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