My 2 year old poops in the potty but how can I get her to pee in the potty?

Jennifer - posted on 08/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




We started potty training out daughter who will be 2 at the end of the month & she poops in the potty most of the time since we can tell we she has to go & say to her "Lets go sit on the potty!" Then when she goes we make a big deal out of it & give her a small reward. Unfortunately she has never peed in the potty & I cannot figure out a way to get her to go on it. Seeing as you can't tell when she wants to go its very difficult. I have tried pull ups & they dont even phase her. So I bought her panties in hope that she would be all excited & want to go on the potty more. I even say to her "Don't get Tinkerbell wet let mommy know when you have to go pee pee" Also I try to constantly put her on the potty but she will sit there for like 20 mins & nothing but then not to long after before I can get her she has peed in the panties. HELP!


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Sharon - posted on 08/18/2009




Let's assume she is ready and has no bladder infection going on, I have just gone through the exact same scenario. Here are a few of the things we did.

1) I chose her favorite toy and pretended that it went potty in the toilet and praised the toy. In my case, it was the plastic bath toy, Thomas the Tank Engine. I could fill it up with water and she was fascinated when I squirted out the water into the toilet! I kept saying, "Wow, look at Thomas go to the potty - what a big boy - Thomas doesn't wear diapers." You could even go as far as pretending to give the toy a treat/reward for going.

2) We set up two types of rewards. One was for checking her big girl panties to see if she is still dry. We did this about every 30 minutes. We gave her Thomas cards, turned them upside down and made a game of her picking one card and it was a suprise to see which one it was. Throughout the day she collected more and more for staying dry. The second type of reward was given when she did go to the bathroom (pee or poop).

We did not take her to the toilet, but asked - "do you need to go potty on the toilet?" Meaning, you don't go potty anywhere else... "potty on the toilet" became all one word as far as we were concerned. She does not stay on the toilet long at all - a few minutes max. While on the toilet, we browsed through Parents magazine and read a children's toilet book. She was given her favorite juice - normal diet was out the window on days we focused on toilet training.

Accidents were not made a big deal at all. We just said "accidents happen" like in the Elmo Potty Time DVD. We cleaned up and after that was done I asked her, "where to you go potty?" Hopefully, her answer is "on the toilet!" Cheer loudly when she says this!!! You are well on your way! After that, we just went right back to the program.

Best of luck!


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She may not be ready yet. An idea though, is to take her outside without any panties on (if warm enough!). Let her run and play and keep giving her water to make her need to go. Keep asking her if she needs to. After a couple tried, you may be able to time about when she will need to to take her in. When ithappens, make sure to make a huge deal out of it. Something that only "big girls who use the potty" get to do. (With my son, it's flushing the big potty)

Another idea, to teach her the difference between wet and dry is to get a wash cloth, show it to her, then dip it in water and show her what it is like wet. For some kids, this works well, but they have to be ready.

You can also get a book and just wait in the bathroom on the potty after giving her a lot of water. Good luck!

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