My 2 year old son will no longer sleep in his bed. He starts out there, but then moves all of his bedding in front of the door where he camps out. We put him back into his bed, but he just moves again after a few minutes. Any help getting him to sleep in his bed would be greatly appreciated!


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Josie - posted on 02/03/2009




it could be the way his bedroom is laid out hav you tried to change the room round so he is more comfortable with his surrounds

Tarilyn - posted on 02/03/2009




My daughter was out of a crib at 12 months, as she was already climbing out of it at that age. She went right to a big girl bed and for a while, slept in it NO problem, then all the sudden, she started doing the same thing. Sleeping behind her door. She will be 20 months in a couple days and still does this. My daughter does the same thing as your son does, when we put her back. So we started a new rule. That being that she had to go to bed in her bed. If she cant sleep, wakes during the night, whatever, she is free to sleep by the door. Once we gave in to her wanting to, slowly she started to like it less and less. I've talked to many professionals about it, and they all say, let her sleep there. I think its just a phase that she will eventually grow out of. My theory is, well as long as I know I clean the floor, it won't do any harm! If he wants to sleep part of the night by the door and he is sleeping fine, tell him if he needs to sleep by the door for part of the night, then he can!

We think that the reason our daughter likes to sleep by the door, is to hear better any noise we may be making, while shes sleeping. Makes her feel closer to us and safer!

Melinda - posted on 01/31/2009




My son use to wake up every moring at around 4-5am and want to sleep in our bed. I realised that he was waking because he was not tired. So I kept him up am hour later every night and wore him out so he was tired he slept through. After a few nights he did not wake any more. Its a route that they get use to and just need a little help breaking it. This worked with my then 2year old. It may help. Good Luck!

Jana - posted on 01/31/2009




I don't know if he would be able to tell you why is wants to sleep outside your door.  Maybe it it something simple like he is cold (if his bed if on an outside wall) or maybe there are funny shadows in his room that might be scareing him (I read somewhere that it is around this age that their very active imaginations start and this is when the "monster" phase begins)  I would start by looking at simple things in his room that might be the cause of him moving his bed.   Maybe a night light or playing a soft radio would help.  Good luck and I hope you find the cause of his "camping out" soon.

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