My 2 year old wakes in the night...

Gemma - posted on 01/07/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 year old son goes to bed well but during the night he wakes at least twice and screams to come into my bed, I am able to settle him in his own bed but he starting to wake more times each night. I also have a 6 month old who is being woken by older son when he screams at night so I feel like I am getting no sleep as once one is settled the other is awake and this goes on all night. Any one got any ideas how i can get my older to son to sleep through? Thanks


Hanan - posted on 01/07/2009




I went through the same thing and it's very hard. Whatever  you do don't allow him into your bed. My husband would just bring our son in and he became used to it And after a few months I decided ot put an end to it...IT only took 2 days but everytime he wakes up screaming to come into our room I will go and offer him a cup of water and explain that he's a big boy and he needs to sleep in his own bed....another thing i've also used is if he's unhappy in his own bed then I told him that starting tomorrow he can sleep in his brothers crib and his brother will sleep in his bed...and that really worked !! it takes patience but you have to let him cry it out....everytime he comes in your room put him right back!! ohhh and another thing I close his brothers door so he doesn't hear him scream and when settles down I go and open the door so he doesn't wake up!! Good Luck

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