my 2 year old won't sleep in his own room

Amy - posted on 05/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i need help my 2 year old will not sleep in his own room. he is sleeping on the floor in our room but wakes up half way throught the night and comes into our bed. what should i do?


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Joyce - posted on 05/27/2009




Try getting in his bed with him, make a habit of getting in his bed and not yours until he falls asleep. Talk to him about being a big boy and how proud he will make you when he starts to sleep in his own room in his own bed. At first you may even fall asleep or even pretend you are and no conversation just a nite lite as time goes by you make the time less and less spent with him and you will be able to ease out of the room and he will be fast asleep. It worked in my case hope it helps.

Teliah - posted on 05/27/2009




I completely agree with Storm's suggestion, but if you would prefer a more gentle approach, there's always the spare bed in his room trick- Put a spare bed or mattress in his room, lie down on it until he is settled and then move further and further from him until you are out of his room. This is not usually my first option but if he is really quite anxious about being separated from you, it is an option. Alternatively, is he perhaps just cold in his room? Does he respond well to soothing music? Could you bring yourself to shut his door overnight? (Not something that i do personally, but does work for some of my friends). Perhaps you could give him a pillow or something from your bed, so he feels like he is sleeping in with you? I know that possibly sounds weird.. Hope it helps:-)

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Put him in his own room in his own bed. Every time he comes out of his room at night take him back to his own bed in his room. Trust me you will get tired and annoyed, but persevere, it works! Don't say anything to him when you do it otherwise the attention he gets from you is the same as giving him a reward. He might come through to your room 200 hundred times but eventually he will get the message that you are non negotiable on it.

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