My 2 yr old is a poor eater. Any suggestions on getting him to eat better?


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Erin - posted on 03/19/2010




I give my son carnation instant breakfast 1/2 a pack in his morning milk and the other 1/2 in his evening milk. it has extra vitamins and protein. He goes through fazes where he will eat everything I give him and fazes where I feel like he doesn't eat anything. He is extremely active and probably burns the calories off as soon as he eats them lol. He's a peanut.

Natasha - posted on 03/19/2010




A good multi-vite helps. They make then hungry. Then get him to help you to make the food. Let him grow and pick vegies. If you in a small place use pots. When they are involved, they tend to eat what they have grown and cooked!

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