my 2 yr old wont stop touchin everything that he c

Neveyah - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




how can i stop my 2 yr old from touchin things that dont belong 2 him...when i tell him 2 stop or put it down he iust look like its mine....when we go 2 other people house he touch there things 2 sometimes he many break things......


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Erin - posted on 09/18/2010




I have the same problem. It's not a problem at home because my house is baby proof and there's nothing he can really get into here. It's at other people's homes where it becomes an issue, he's so used to being able to get into whatever he wants,so the concept of not being able to is foreign to him.

Crystal - posted on 09/17/2010




I think it is natural for a kid this age to be curious. They learn by touching and don't know its bad or rude.
I hide a couple of things in my purse like a toy car, m&m's, and stuff like that for him to play with when we are out and about.
Its hard though but I would just explain to him that it is not his and soon he will understand. It just takes time and you got to keep a close eye on him.
Try to baby proof your house as much as you can.

When my son wants something I ask him "what do you say' and he knows to say please. That gets him in the habit of saying please before touching things.....even though he gets excited and still grabs for stuff.

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