My 20 month old is ALWAYS sick!

Kaley - posted on 09/26/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




My son Malakai was born January 28, 2009. He weighed 9lbs 2oz. I had no complications with my pregnancy. Malakai was full term. Infact, I was induced because he would not come out. I was incredibly happy. He seemed like a perfectly healthy, happy baby.

When he was 3 weeks old, he was rushed by ambulance from his doctors office to a children's hospital. He was hospitalized for a week.

It was May and he seemed to be happy and healthy. He was reaching all of his milestones on time, if not before. Then June came. He had ear infection after ear infection. Then double ear infections right after another. By November we had seen 2 Ear Nose Throat doctors. One said putting ear tubes in would be the only solution. A week before Thanksgiving, my son went into surgery. Very upset when he woke up, I brought him home and he went back to sleep. Later that day, he stood up on his own for the first time. I finally felt like he would be healthy again.

December 20th, he was not eating/drinking and not wanting to play. His nose was extremely clogged. I took him to the Nurse Practitioner at his pediatrician's office. She said he had a bug. The next day, he was very lethargic. I took him back to the Children's hospital. Doctor's said he had bronchitis. Christmas Eve, he was so lethargic he would not move. I took him to a different hospital. They said he had strep throat. Got anitbiotics and all seemes well.

Winter left. Spring came and WHAM! Strep throat again. And again. And again. And again. Right after another until August. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. the ENT said this would fix the problem! We were estatic that he would finally feel good agin. The poor little guy had no idea what a healthy throat felt like.

A month after his surgery, he had strep again. Went through anitbiotics. He has all the symptoms that he is getting it again. I am about to lose my mind. I have no idea why he is ALWAYS sick! As far as I know, he is not a carrier for strep. I feel like I have hit a wall and that he will always be sick. Does anyone know why he is ALWAYS getting sick or someone that I can turn to for answers?


Samara - posted on 09/30/2010




My daughter had massive amounts of ear infections - after the gromets were put in she has still out of balance - i then took her to a Cranial Osteopath. What a massive change. Google it but a cranial osteopath works on the spinal fluid and the cranial fluid around the brain. This can cause many problems that then cause other problems if not fixed. I swear by the cranial osteopath and every time the kids have a massive fall i have them straight in there - what a change in them and also their behaviour.
I would consider this and also look at seeing a naturopath. His body is obviously out of balance and might just need something to help him back to norm. Natural remedies are amazing and unharmful to everyone. ( i have swung this way after having health problems and also my kids)
HOpe this helps and your little man gets better.

Maggie - posted on 09/30/2010




I am so truly sorry. I was just reading an article the other day that said children born in the winter, especially january and february, are more prone to sickness because of a lack of vitamin d. You might want to try a supplement. Also, it may be diet. there are a lot of chemicals in food that are unknown to babies immune system. In my experience, the culprit is gluten/wheat. here is a very helpful article on one of the best websites!!
read down and there is a section on ear infections and throat infections. I truly hope your little one feels better!!! and please, if you have any questions, email me!!!!!


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Melissa - posted on 01/11/2011




I am going to write this in caps because that is how much I believe in it (not that I am trying to yell at you) TAKE HIM TO A CHIRCOPRATOR!! Since my son was a little under a year old I have taken him to a chiro because he was having ear infections and I didn't want to give him antibiotics(they really are not good for your immune system they actually kill all bacteria good and bad) so I gave 2 doses of antibiotics within a 4 month time for ears. A friend recommended this to me because she took her daughter and loved it. I no longer take my son to the pedi except for shots and if he ever has a skin issue. It is not like you going to the chiro where they push and pull and pop things... they use a little the pronged instrument that vibrates on their backs and use a box with a cushion on their ear that makes a popping noise. I SWEAR BY THIS PROCESS and believe that it has kept him healthy. Everytime he gets a runny nose, small fever, or anything that I use to take him to the pedi for I let it run for a few days and it doesn't seem to be getting better I take him to the chiro and within a day or 2 he is 100% better. I haven't given any meds except 2 doses of tylenol since I started taking him and he is 19 1/2 months now. Good luck

Candas - posted on 01/10/2011




Are a stat at home mom? Also to my 14 year was like that for about 3 years. Does he have any allerges at all to animals of any kind? That was finally what was wrong with my daughter. She is on allergy shots. You go that route just to see if that could be part of the problem. The testing is the hardest part., but it might help answers some of your questions to why he is sick all the time. You can email me if you like I dont get on here very often. She also finally grew out of some of it. She still gets headace sometimes and the change in weather is awful for her. I just try not to give her to much med. because she has had so much like your little guy. If I give her anything at all it has to be very strong or it wont work. I hope this helps.

Maggie - posted on 10/01/2010




I can't say for sure but maybe you should get his vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D deficiency causes all kinds of ailments - especially viruses. Make sure he's getting at least 20 minutes of sun (without sunscreen) every day.
As for the recurrent strep - make sure he's getting the full dosage of the medication for as long as the doctor says he needs to be taking it. Stopping medication early lets those lingering germs multiply and make the baby sick again.

Kasey - posted on 09/29/2010




I really feel 4 u :( I also had a sickly baby, she was perfect ay first then she was sick with everything one after another until when she was 1 1/2. I took her 2 our Chiropractor and nearly broke down cos i was so stressed over it and when i told her what was happenning she said straight away that it is a digestive problem!! So it was something she was eating that she is allergic to! So we decided to take her off lactose 4 2 wks and see if there was a change and if there wasn't then take her off gluten. Soon as i took her off lactose she has been a different child!! She hasn't been sick, she sleeps through the night and is generally a happier child which makes for a happy Mum!! I couldn't believe something so simple could be the cause of so much stress. I know this is not always the case 4 everyone but it something that is easy to do and worth giving a go, there r so many lactose and gluten free products that theres no need 4 them 2 miss out on much at all. Hope u get it all sorted out soon :)

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It sounds like that your son needs some constitutional treatment by a Homeopath. If your son has been vaccinated, there could be some residues there that your son is trying to kick off by himself. The throat is a line of defence so could also check on what he is digesting that sets it off. Likely that he has a weakened immune system, so best to get a treatment, such as homeopathy or health kinesiology that can get to the source of the issue/s.

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I'm so sorry that you have had such trouble with your son! I wish there was some hard and fast reason why some kids get sick, while others don't. Have you considered giving him multivitamins or probiotics? Your pediatrician can reccomend some. Also, do you have food allergies in the family? I ask only because my daughter was sick as an infant, as well as slowed growth, and we found a severe intolerance to wheat, barley, oats and rye. She has been as healthy as a horse since. Whatever the solution for you is, be persistant! See a second pediatrician or a homeopathic medicine doctor, or whatever you think your child needs. don't be afraid to question the doctor! Good luck and take care :)

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My daughter was sick a lot when she was very little and as it turned out she had very bad allergies. Not so much with ear infections, but runny noses and coughs. It seemed like she had a new "bug" every month. Around age 2 we discoverd she was allergic to peanuts and took her to an allergist. We were shocked to learn she was pretty much allergic to everything. Wheat, milk, rye and peanuts were the worst. She started getting better as soon as she started asthma meds and changed her entire diet. Its worth a try to test for allergies. Ask for a RAZ test. Its able to test the blood for a large variety of allergens. Best of luck to you.

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my son is now 4/1/2 he has always been sick woth this that and some other, last yr after he had his adenoids done the october previous (i live in australia
so it was going onto our summer) i thought that the
following winter was going to be fantastically virus
etc free... no such luck. this winter we had virus after virus after virus after virus etc i ofund out it was because he is now dairy free that in the last month he has not been sick at all as he has always been sick well into spring. this has also helped with two ther things 1 his acid reflux -which just upset his stomach not throw up and 2 he has ADHD and has settled that down i gave him some milk product today and he went loopy thus now has the proof. try giving him dairy free formula or goats milk as this is what i think coud be contributing to it. if not you can yell at me and tell me that it didnt work lol. on another note i have also found out that my girl has a alergy to milk and if she has some she get dioreah shes 15 months and she suffers from sickness and blocked tear ducts and i stoped her on milk -i changed her to goats and it has stoped her dioreah as well as abated her viruses and lestened her tear ducts........i hope this helps

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I am so sorry I wish I had the answer for you but I can tell you one thing. YOU know your child better than any doctor does. When my fiance was about a month old he got sick and his bowel movements werent the same. His mom took him to the doctors like once a week and they kept telling her it was just a stomach flu type sickness. She knew that something wasnt right about his symptoms so she took him to the hospital and come to find out he had a problem with his intestines. Basically he had a whole in the lower part of his intestines and it was slowly poisoning him to death. The doctor told her she was lucky she brought him in when she did because he was 24 hours away from dying. He got the operation he needed and got better quicker than the nurses expected. So if you think something is wrong with your child and the doctors give you answers that you dont believe especially if he has the same sickness over and over get another opinion until your son is better for good. You know him better than anyone and it seems like all the surgeries he has had arent helping. If I were you I would ask around your area for the best ENT dr that you can find. and dont forget mothers know best. goodluck to you and your baby boy.

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I am sorry, I wish I had some answers to help you. I think you should keep seeing doctors until you get a solution; don't let them give up....keep trying. I am sorry you and your son are going through this. I will keep you in my prayers.

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