My 20 month old son hasn't started talking yet, is this normal???

Simone - posted on 10/06/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )





I'm a little concerned that my 20 month old son hasn't spoken his first word. The nearest we've got to talking is that he calls me and my husband 'ba' and he babbles to himself constantly. He does communicate to us using his own little version of sign language and understands everything we tell him but he doesn't seem to want to talk. Is this normal?




Brandi - posted on 10/06/2009




i wouldn't worry quite yet. he's a little behind, but my nephew didn't talk until he was almost 2, and my son is 18 mos. and only speaks a few words, but also does the point and grunt thing. My nephew is now almost 4 and can speak, though he can be a little difficult to understand. I would just really try to say everything you are doing or seeing. and try to get him to vocalize what he wants as much as possible before you give him what he wants. my son has started to say please to get something, it may not be the actual word i want him to say, but it is appropriate and it's something. also, before i give him anything i say the word and encourage him to try to say it. you may not get more than the first syllable of the word, but it's all a start. I imagine he'll talk when he feels like it. most importantly be patient with him and really try to say A LOT of words that relate to stuff he wants. cuppie, drink, toy, etc. ask him to say as much as you can think of, but try not to frustrate him. if he isn't interested tell him it's ok, we'll try again later. If he can understand you and your directions "get mommy the cup on the table, or find a ball" then he is developing language and he'll get it. just lots of repetition and practice is probably all he needs. and lots of encouragement.

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