my 22 month old daughter has started biting. she is my 3rd child but ive never had to deal with biting before. is there a good way to get her to stop this before it gets outta control??


Tara - posted on 03/03/2009




First, you have to figure out what they are trying to accomplish. Usually, they like the attention they get from biting...they make you squeal and squeak, very cool. My son used to do this and he just wanted to be close to us and near us. So, the punishment was the minute he bit us we would say "no bite" then we would put him away from us and we would walk away out of eye sight. When he calmed down, we would congratulate him. Also, when we saw him start to bite us we would say no bite (calm voice) and he would stop to think. During that thinking period, his "pause" we would say good! no bite and congratulate him. Even if it lasts a few seconds. They need the immediate reward just like they receive the immediate negative response. Yes, sometimes it would continue for most of the day, but within 2 weeks he stopped completely.


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MUNA - posted on 03/03/2009




I've had the same problem with my daughter and the only way was using paprika,like when ever she bites i'd put a very little bit of paprika in her mouth after a couple of times she stopped but be careful not o use a very spicy paprika try to get one that's very light which wont spice her luck

Autumn - posted on 03/03/2009




My little nephew started biting my 3 year old. Finally she had had enough, she bit him back, needless to say he never bit again.

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