My 23 month old has been potty trained (pee, not poop) for the past month, at least. But, over the past few days, he's pretty much refused to use the potty at all and wets his underwear without a care in the world. I'm about to lose my mind! Anyone have ideas?


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Linda - posted on 02/06/2009




Hi Arie, i know that not alot of people believe in this but sometimes bribery is the best method. I basically potty trained my daughter with chocolate. Every time she went we praised her to no end and then gave her a little easter egg chocolate. She has been doing well on the potty ever since. You will have the occasional accident....that is absolutely normal. Good Luck.

User - posted on 02/06/2009




OMG-I went thru the same thing and going.  My son was 33 months old and potty train for peepees only...he started this special pre-school program and BOOM, never again was I able to put back underware, now hes still on pull-ups and hes now 3 years old.....I feel for you but the Pediatrician told me not to sweat will come in time, good luck

JaDon - posted on 02/06/2009




My 22 month old went through the same. 7 weeks and then we just hit a brick wall. I gave up and put her back into diapers. I figured she was not really ready yet and will try again this summer. It's not worth the frustration for me and her.

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