MY 28 mos old daughter doesn't talk much,what do you think is wrong?


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My 24 month old only said about 4 words. She had an older bro and sis that did all the talking for her. She startes preschool 3 months ago and now talks all the time. She just neede the chance to talk. Don't worry the words will come. Good luck.

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My 25 month old does not talk much either. She has two older siblings and I feel that is part of the problem. She knows about 4 words. I just keep working with her and use sign language also. Good luck.

Natasha - posted on 03/20/2009




my son barely spoke up till around the age of 2 he used to talk but not great amounts then i had my second child and since then he has come on heaps i put his lack of speech down to the fact i fussed around him alot and he didnt need to talk coz i was constantly there doing everything for him. i think he needed his independance and he's found it. i was worried but now he not only talks but sings too very loudly at times im sure ur daughter will be fine but if u are concerned talk to a health proffesional if only to put ur mind at rest. just to add my son is now 2 and 7 months good luck :)

Michelle - posted on 03/20/2009




We adopted our first son at 2o months. He wasn't talking much either. I started teaching him sign language. It helped him a lot. First it gave him control b/c he could ask for something w/o verbalizing. Then when he got comfortable he started using his voice. Signing gives a child a voice they did not have and it lets them ask for something and you can understand therefore you can eliminate frustrations of not understanding. Good luck.. She will talk when she is ready.

Adrienne - posted on 03/14/2009




My 20 month old son will say a lot of words and sentences when he feels like it. But he wouldn't talk for a long time. So we taught him how to sign food, drink, more, please and now he is slowing talking more and more. My problem is that we (my husband and I) are not very talkitive people. Talking to your doctor would be a great idea if you are worried. Good Luck!

Crystal - posted on 03/13/2009




could be any number of things... I would suggest to talk to your doctor if you're worried about it. They would be able to tell you if how much she talks is normal or not and if it's not normal be able to figure out the problem and get it fixed

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