my 2year old son is having a hard time giving up the bottle. help me...

Krystle - posted on 12/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




okay my son. he is 2. he is awesome but i am having such a problem with the whole giving up the bottle stuff. i give him one in the car.. which i know i shouldn't and one in his crib.. which is normally a big no from the peditricians... but its hard for him to jst go cold turkey. someone please help. thanks a bunch!


Brandi - posted on 12/19/2009




my son was just over 1 when I took his bottle away from him, but the way i did it was to give him ONLY water in his bottle. If he wanted his bottle he was getting water. If he wanted milk he could have it in a sippy cup. I would take away his bottle in the car and give him something else to do instead (a toy a book or a sippy cup with milk). then I would work on the one at bedtime, but ALWAYS WITH WATER. My ped. said that it was likely that he would be disinterested in the water in the bottle and sorta choose the sippy cup on his own as long as there was something "better" in the sippy cup than water.

Good luck.


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Rachel - posted on 12/20/2009




if you take it away there will only be about 3 days where he acts like he needs it and then he should be fine. if he refuses to drink anything...that is ok. he will soon be thirsty enough he wont care. its their natural stubbornness....
i weened my daughter off and she did great with that. i said ONLY 1 bottle and it was before bed. and nubby brand makes a great transition sippy

Julie - posted on 12/20/2009




my son didn't give up the bottle till he was over 2 and still takes 1 at night going to bed but we got him to put his bottles in his santa stocking ( then put them in the bin) we replaced it with gifts. we will do the same this year with his nighttime bottle, he thinks its exciting, and if they are out with the rubbish youdon't have bottle to give in to him with, good luck x

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