My 2yr. old daughter likes to make messes with her toys and not clean them up? any ideas?

Dana - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




She use to pick up her toys when she was asked, but know that she is 2 all she does when she is asked is telling me and everyone else no


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Make it a game-- we sing the clean up song like Barney does and both my 1 and 2 yr old clean up. We also see if we can beat the timer or try to get it done before a special show they like. Explain if she picks them up no one will get hurt. If she wants something say -- okay i need you to help pick up the toys first. good luck

Brandi - posted on 12/08/2009




my 3 year old started ignoring me when i asked her to pick up her toys at age 2. She would just walk away like you did not say a word. So I got a cardboard box and she would have 3 "chances" to pick up her toys. After the 3rd time of being told to pick them up they would go in the box. She is soo possesive of her toys that i told her that if she did not want them that i was going to give them to a little boy or girl whom needed some good toys. She would take the box to her room and put all the toys away. Now all i have to tell her is once and she picks them up. Surprisingly enough last weekend the Cathloic nuns were having a used toy drive to help one of the local orphanages and I asked her if she would like to give some of her toys and to my Amazement she said YES...I let her put what she wanted to give in a box and told her how proud i was of her for helping out. Now she runs around saying that she is a BIG girl because she helps other kids....LOL Just hang in there it will get better until the teenage years then we will want the problems of not putting away toys.....

Christy - posted on 12/07/2009




I sing the clean up song. "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do their share" my son LOVES this song and starts picking up as soon as I sing it. NOTHING ELSE WORKED, btw.

Maggie - posted on 12/03/2009




Tell her about the "toy fairy" ...she's a fairy that comes at night and takes all the toys on the floor for a day. If the toys are on the floor when your daughter goes to bed then put them in a closet. When she wakes up and sees that they are gone she'll think twice about leaving anything on the floor again. Of course, give the toys back after a day.
I saw this in Parents magazine and tried it with my boys (3 and 1.5) and it worked!

Lorie - posted on 12/03/2009




With my daycare kids and my own, I DO NOT let them do anything else till its cleaned up. { or go anywhere if possible and make extra time for clean up } I always say to them we don't move on till its all cleaned up.
I know your little one is 2 but with my just 4 year old He would ALWAYS fight me on cleaning his toys. ( falling down crying etc.. ) so I gave him a chart with four things to do and if he does it he gets $2 every fri. IT WORKS GREAT.

Valerie - posted on 12/01/2009




let her know that it is her responsibility to pick up the toys she plays with...if she says no then tell her she has to the count of three to pick them up or you will pick them up and put them away where she can't have is helpful to begin slowly putting them up high (like on a shelf) where she can see that you mean business...she might ignore the first few but probably after that she will start picking them up...then leave those up there for at least a few hours or overnight...i usually wait until they ask for them back and then give them back while setting the rule..".it is your responsibility to pick them up after you use them or lose them again." if she doesn't ask for them back then that should let you know that she probably has more toys out than she needs

Carolee - posted on 12/01/2009




My son and I do two things (he's also 2 years old). One thing we do is basically "shoot hoops". We literally stand back a couple of feet from his toy box and toss the toys in. Another thing we do is "pony rides". I'll crawl on all fours with him on my back, and as I go, I'll hand him his toys from off the floor. Then, I'll crawl over to his toy box and he'll toss them in. Now, when he sees me start to pick up toys, he sees if he can "race" me. He always "wins" by putting the most toys in the fastest, and I make a big deal out of him "winning" and helping.

Noelle - posted on 12/01/2009




We also make a game of it. Our living room is almost un-walkable because of the amount of toys that litters the floor. My husband likes to play the "find the carpet" game with picking up the toys... he makes it up as he goes, jokingly says the carpet with "eat up" the toys, socks, shoes, (whatever is there on the floor) if they aren't picked up and not give them back so if he wants to keep them safe, they go back in the toy box. It seems to work and usually leaves them giggling and rolling on the floor. Boys I tell ya.
I like to reward with stickers when he puts toys away on his own (he is also working on potty training) so getting stickers are a big thing right now.
I think it's important for however it is handled, it's light and fun, I don't think it's necessary to scold or yell at them for not picking up their toys since those toys bring them so much joy, why turn things negative.
good luck!

Catherine - posted on 12/01/2009




we make a game out of it, i sit on the floor next to the toy box and ask him to bring me toys, i put them away for the first few then he does it himself, i just say well done and good boy a lot every few times he puts one in and he thinks its great, i'm sure it wont last long but for the moment it works!

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I had this trouble with the children I used to watch in a daycare I worked at. They'd love to pull out every single toy and then leave it for me to clean up. So one day, I decided to implement a couple of rules.
1. You are only going to play with one type of toy (blocks, dolls, kitchen, ect) at a time.
2. You must clean up that toy area before moving on to a different activity
3. If you do not clean up, you will lose that toy for X amount of time. (For the day care, it was 2 days)

The kids learned really quickly when they lost their toys, that they have to clean up before moving on.

Another trick I used, was making cleaning up fun. Let's face it, none of us really LIKE cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom, so cleaning up toys can't be too much fun for children either. So... I sang a song "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share:" and I "helped" them put their toys away by saying "this goes here..ect". When they did a good job, they got a reward like a special snack or got to play outside or something like that.

Another idea is making a "chore" chart and putting all of the things you want your daughter to do, like "clean up toys" or "brush teeth" and every chore she completes, she gets a check, or special sticker, and when the chart is full (a week, or month) reward her with something extra special.

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