my 2yr old son still wakes up during the night. he doesnt want 2 eat, just yell 4 mom and dad 2 make sure we're still here. then he goes back 2 bed. what can i do 2 get him 2 sleep through the night? we tried ignoring him but he just yells louder and louder and comes 2 our room.


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Lynn - posted on 03/27/2009




that's a gr8 idea! i didn't think about using a tv screen baby monitor at his age but it makes sense! thanks...i'll try that asap!

Kelly - posted on 03/20/2009




what about putting a baby monitor in your room and the other piece in his room that that way when he yells you don't have to go to him you can just talk to him through the monitor  or he can just hear your breathing or something like that... just a thought.

Good luck

Rochelle - posted on 03/20/2009




Have you given him a bath at night? that seems to calm them down. Spending the "down time" with him. Reading a book and foreshadowing with him about what it is coming up before you do it.

Okay..we are going to take a bath. Then after bath time we will read our story and then nighty night time .

That sometimes works. My son has been doing the "mommy, water" So i give him just a very little in his sippy and he will say "thank you" and go to bed.

Good Luck


Crystal - posted on 03/20/2009




there's not much that you can do... he'll probably grow out of it. just assure him that your not going anywhere and put him back to bed. my 4 year old still does it from time to time.

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