My 2yr old whines for everything, What should I do??

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My daughter is 2yrs and 8months and lately she has been constantly whining, especially if we tell her "no", What should I do to get this phase to stop??


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Tara - posted on 01/14/2010




My son is 25 months and is also a sometimes whiner. We ask Cooper to ask us for what he wants in his 'happy voice' or his' big kid voice' and that we don't hear his whiny voice. This generally works for us. We have fun by asking for things in our sad voice, mad voice, silly voice too.

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my daughter is the same age and does the same thing. yelling and such just makes it worse so we tell her to sit down and look at us and listen and then we explain that crying wont get it for her and explain what will, if she continues we take a toy or something away that she has at the time, and sometimes you just have to let them cry it out so they know that you aren't going to be persuaded.

Mallori - posted on 01/13/2010




I work in a daycare with toddlers and we usually tell the kids that constanty whine that we do not understand the whining and that they need to tell us what they want with their words. I tell them to look at my eyes and get down on their level while talking to them. It usualy makes a big difference. Rather than just saying "no" that way they know we are listening to them.

Alyssa - posted on 01/13/2010




My daughter is a few months older than your little one, and she does the same thing. Especially in the mornings. What I do, and her dad does as well is we tell her to stop whining or she isn't going to get what she wants. I also tell her that she needs to use her words and not whine because I don't understand whining. It usually works, and then she will ask for what she needs.

Katie - posted on 01/13/2010




hello um well i have a son about to be 3 in feb and the whining started around the same time and still has not stoped what we do is we tell him if he does not stop the whining he gets time out coz he has to understand that no mean no i tell him that mummy and daddy are the boss not him with the time out i walk away from him because if i stay there with him for the 3 mins it makes him become louder and not carm down

i hope that help for u let me know from katie

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