My 3.5 year old girl wont potty train!

Amber - posted on 03/14/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've tried EVERYTHING!!! Little toddler pottys, toilet toppers so she can use the big one. Treats for just sitting on it and better treats for useing it. She sees other kids go and she sees me go. But she will only use it maybe once a day. And not always sucssesfully.... What am I to do?


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Leah - posted on 03/15/2011




I put my now 5 y/o on a potty schedule. She sat on a toddler potty seat on the potty at the top of the hour for a couple of days until we established when she has to go potty, then put her on a schedule. Consistency is KEY in order to modify her behavior, but if you don't put her on regularly or miss a time or two, that will cement her behavior of not wanting to use it. Your effort to put her on the potty and follow through are critical and need to be every single time, no exceptions, and the closer to the desired behavior you give her reinforcement, the stronger the preferred behavior. And kids always have a currency...I'm sure you know what hers is! My daughters was chocolate. I gave her one m&m for trying, two for peeing and 3 for a BM. I didn't even wait until she was off the potty. I just popped it in her mouth while she was still on the potty and then we wiped, lid down, flush and washed hands. When she started associating the toilet seat w/ chocolate, she wanted to go there. I used pull-ups b/c I didn't have time to wash all the extra laundry and clean up the mess left behind if she was sitting on the carpet or upholstery when she wet her pants. Consistency trumps pull-ups every time. If she uses the pull-up, no big deal, just keep putting her on the potty, positive reinforcement ASAP and remind her of the bigger reward if she uses the potty. Also, it's totally normal for children to wet the bed up until they're 9 years old according to Dr. Anna Ivanenko, our pediatric sleep specialist.Good luck!

Louise - posted on 03/15/2011




You go cold turkey and as of Monday you put her in pants and that is it. Never use pull ups as this takes the wetness away from her skin and leaves her feeling comfortable. Take her to the toilet every half an hour until she pees and then wait an hour and start again. Have plenty of pants ready because it sounds to me like she is quite stubborn. If she does pee do not rush to clean her up let her know how it feels to be wet or smelly. When she does pee in the toilet, and I would use the toilet now not a potty go overboard on the praise and do a little she did it dance. Try not to tell her off for the accidents just say oh dear and give no reaction. Children love to please so she should try at least to use the toilet so she gets a positive reaction from you.

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