My 3 months old boy don't want to sleep at night or during the day what can I do?


Tiffanie - posted on 04/23/2009




When my sister was younger she rarely ever napped and could stay up the entire night. If she did fall asleep it may have been for a hour or two if my mom was lucky. My mom took her to the doctor and the doctor said that some kids just require less sleep than others. Once my sister started going to school..which is really far off for you..she started sleeping more. What I would do, is maybe cut out anything that would give him/her extra energy, like sugar, caffeine and so on. I would try the warm bath, because that relaxes everyone. And maybe, if she doesn't sleep, get her to watch a movie or read to her or after the bath rock her and with calming music playing, something that is relaxing and normally, with my son anyway, it puts them right to sleep. As long as your child has moments where her body can relax, she will be fine. You may just have a child that doesn't require much sleep.

Leanne - posted on 04/18/2009




Hi there,maybe your son is to tired too sleep.Usually at this age they start getting into a routine.Have you tried giving him a nice warm bath at night,then a gentle massage just to relax him.Then try feeding him and then wrapping him up secure with hands also tucked into his blanket.This makes them feels secure and warm when they sleep.Give this a go and see if it works.And if it dosent then keep on trying different things with him until you find the right routine that suits him.I know it is very frustrating also for yourself as you wouldnt get much sleep and you need to function as well.I hope that helps .Good Luck


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