my 3 year old don't sleep

Gayle - posted on 10/22/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




my little girl will be 3 in nov. she still don't sleep all night, she is wakes up 3-4 times a night. What can i do to get her sleeping?


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Melinda - posted on 10/28/2008




When my kids start doing this I make sure that I get them outside for a walk or some kind of activity. The more my kids get fresh air the better they seem to sleep at night? During the summer months I use going to the pool, but as the weather gets colder we rake leaves or go for walks.

Tabatha - posted on 10/24/2008




i use johnson's bedtime bath and lotion after a nice bath that smells of lavander then a nice message of lotion i find bolth of my children fall slepp fast and stay asleep all night my daughter was born a month and a half early and had very bad colic and didnt start sleeping through the night until she was one and thats what worked for me plus its a nice time to spend with your baby if that doesnt work you can try and get her a teddy sometimes small children specially girls get nightmares and its nice to have that special thing to comfort them

Jacqui - posted on 10/22/2008




i find that a nice warm bath has helped my little girl who will be 2 in november. I feed her at about 5:30 then give her a bath after her meal, then i take her and lay on the couch or bed with her and either tickle her hand, foot, tummy, or play with her hair, this helps to relax her (and she is a very active child). I avoid anything with a high content of suger from late afternoon.

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