My 3 year old keeps wetting the bed!

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He actually turns 3 next month, and I know that he is still pretty young, but he’s completely potty trained during the day it’s just during nap time and the night that he wets. Lately I’ve been changing the sheets every day. Should I put him back in pull ups during the night or will that just delay any progress?


Kerry - posted on 12/01/2010




No Way!! It is COMPLETELY normal for a child to be bed wetting sometimes up until 5 or 6!! and most kids aren't even toilet trained during the day at 2.5
With my son I just kept the pull ups on at night until they were dry for a good month or so then we got rid of them. Obviously we went to the toilet before bed to get him into the routine.
Night toilet training is very different from day training, it requires a sub conscious skill to hold it through the night which can't be "taught" only encouraged. He will stay dry in is own time.

Meri - posted on 11/14/2009




hes not too young! by 2.5 I think is a reasonable age to be able to sleep through without wetting the bed. I personally think you should continue without the pullups....just stop fluids 1 hour before bed and make sure he is on the potty 10 mins before he actually falls asleep. Good luck!!

Jenn - posted on 11/14/2009




I say if it's happening every night it wouldn't be a bad idea to put him back in pull-ups just at night. The other thing you could try is wake him up and take him potty when ever you go to bed and that might be enough to empty him out for the rest of the night. Also, if you make sure he is drinking lot of fluids during the day and then cut it out shortly before bed that might help too :)

Melanie - posted on 12/01/2010




Unfortunately I don't agree that 2.5 is reasonable to be dry by night. All children are different, my daughter wasn't dry by day till that age (and God did I try) and she only stopped wetting at night at 3.5 and has since had a big regression too. (She's now 4). Some children go on wetting the bed for years and unfortunately it's different from during the day because it's not within their control so it's hard to use the reward system. They'll just feel frustrated with themselves if they can't do it. With my daughter we used to set our alarm at 3am to take her to the toilet, as well as before we went to bed. (crazy I know but the problem was she refused to have a nappy on so it was that or wet sheets). Anyway I'd say put him in pull ups and wait a few months - until his pull ups are dry every morning or until he doesn't want them on - then set your alarm for 3 am lol! But there is no point stressing he is still little, and all children are different, I know lots who were dry by night as soon as they were dry by day but it wasn't like that for my daughter. Good luck


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Theresa - posted on 12/01/2010




I hate to be the voice of doom, but one of my sons wasn't nighttime potty trained until 4th grade. He was fine during the day, but had problems at night. He was very embarassed by this fact. He wore a Good Night to bed and NEVER wanted anyone to know. When he was 4 I talked to his doc about it. The doc said until age 6 he wouldn't prescibe anything. He said it was not uncommon for boys up to 6 to still wet the bed frequently. In talking to family members I found out that my dad and brother both had bed wetting issues until they were a bit older. My brother told me he remembers last wetting his bed at age 11. See if there is a history of it with the men in your family. When my son was 6 we put him on DDAVP to help keep him dry at night. Like I said he still had issues until he was 9 even with the medicine. And yes. we watched fluid intake, and had him go potty right before bed. Use Pull Ups/Good Nights and don't stress. It will happen eventually.

Kendal - posted on 11/16/2009




Pull ups are a great tool ... especially at night ! He really isnt old enough to wake himself up at night to go potty yet i would do pullups only at night ... as far as nap time is concerned make sure he pottys b4 nap time. and right after. children his age really do well when they are praised for the good things ... one idea is to make a chart on a poster and put it on the bathroom door and on the mornings he wakes up that he dosent wet his pull up he gets a sticker ... if he goes a whole week he gets a prize like a trip to the park or an ice cream cone ... its worth a shot ... but i would so go back to the pull up ... no sense in washing seets all the time!

Shel - posted on 11/14/2009




my 4 yr old still wets the bed occasionly and she's at skool, she goes 2 bed at 7 so from 5.30 she's only allowed sips of water. i found that that helps, also i make sure that after 5.30 she goes to the toilet at 6.15 and 6. 55 to make sure her bladder is empty. because you little 1 is young i wud suggest pull ups for a wile longer and then try agen without them and see how he gets on x

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