My 3 year old needs to sleep in her own bed.

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My 3 year old daughter has slept with me since infancy and now that I have another baby on the way, my husband and I need to transition her to sleeping in her own bed. She does nap in her bed and will sometimes go to her bed willingly, however, she ends up climbing back in to my bed late at night/early morning. The bed time routine has been a terrible time, she throws tantrums, gets up over AND over again! Any advice?


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i can only tell you what i did.., its not for everyone but i'm sure a million mums will say its the only way.not neccesarly the right way but it worked for us and lots of friends that have asked me for advice.

i put my son in his bed, and told im he was a big boy and he now needed to stay in his own bed, when he got up, i took him straight back,

no matter how much he kicked and screamed,

no matter how late it was,

no matter how many times he got up,

no matter how tiered i was, and i was

no matter how much he cryed, or how much i cryed, and i did, bucket loads,

if you do do it, you have to be consistant, or it will all be for nothing

i saw an improvement in about 3 days but it could take up to 7 days if shes strong willed, my son now sleeps very well and i think is happier for it, he does still sometimes get into bed with me in the morning for a quick cuddle before we get up or to talk about what were gonna do that day which i still recommened so she does't feel left out when the new baby arrives, but only when your sure she understands that its only in the morning, i really wish you all the best, i know how hard it is, best regards

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