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I guess I'm just wondering is it ok for your kids to aggravate you?? I know to some that probably sound terrible but I also know its a part of being human. my 3 year old son is acting out for what i believe no reason, he has an issue with listening the first time he is told and for some reason it takes him to get in trouble before he gets it. Is there some ways I can deal with it other than putting him in time out?? He is a very good kid and he loves life, it just seems like when we bring him outside of the home he doesnt know how to act. But when he is inside he is fine. I just need some ideas


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Okay you have multiple questions, so here we go:
1. YES! of course it is okay for your kids to aggrivate you. It is, however, NOT okay for you to yell, scream, hit, etc. your children because you are aggrivated. sometimes time outs are for mommy's to regain sanity. It is TOTALLY okay to say to your child, "Your behavior has made me really angry."
2. the best way to make sure your child listens without reminders and nagging is to only issue an order/request/choice once. if it isn't done, well they must suffer the consequences. For example, with my son, he knows he can keep the toys he picks up. and I only ask to clean up once. if I must clean up the toy, it goes away. and he has to do something for me (like dusting) to get it back.
3, I would discuss with your child what behavior you expect of him on when you are out, before going out. see how that works.

good luck!

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