My 3 year old son is too stubborn to potty, help!

Jessica - posted on 10/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok so my son is 3 and 1 month old, and back when he was 2 1/2 I actually had him going potty, and ALMOST pooping in the potty as well, then all of a sudden he just stopped going and didnt want to hear it anymore. So i figured he just wasnt ready and stopped for a while. Now that hes 3 and hes in preschool, ive been starting to re-train him for the potty, however im having and awful difficult time and im starting to get overly frustrated. He will pee, but only if i tell him to go. I took diapers away except for bed time. He does the potty dance and he hides in corners to poop, and hes actually gotten smart enough to wait till i put his bedtime diaper on to poop. I have him try to poop 3 times a day, especially after eating. Sometimes he will sit and push a couple times, but he just gets impatient and gives up and it turns into a fighting match, and other times he will just kick and scream n bite and cry for me to not put him on the potty at all. Ive tried both his potty and a regular toilet. He seems to have taken to the adult toilet a little more, but im still trying both. Ive tried the rewards system, stickers, positive praise, even bribing him with candy....NOTHING is working. Im not sure what else to do, ive hit a rut...does anybody have any good tips or advice that i can try to get my son to go, or at least WANT to go? I need to get him trained soon, hes old enough and he knows hes old enough and he wants to hear big boy underwear, and i just dont want to keep paying for diapers. Me n my fiance want another baby soon and my hopes are to have my son trained b4 we start trying again. The last thing i want is 2 kids with diapers at the same time. Haha, that and his school says its time. HELP! please?!

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my son is doing the same thing he was doing really well and then all of a sudden hated the potty and i mean kicking and screaming. so i put blue food coloring in the water and had daddy show him if he pees it will turn colors, he thought that was so funny he couldnt wait to sit on his little potty and change his water. i tried to put apple jacks ceral in the toliet and have him try to shot it but he thought that was gross. the next day when i went to get his breakfast ready he said please mommy dont put in potty. i had to laugh a little . anyway the food coloring worked for us hope this helps

Amber - posted on 10/20/2009




Well Jessica kids are all different and go at their own pace. However you need to keep up what you are doing at home and the school needs to work with him as well. Kids have tendencies to listen to others quicker than a parent. I would stop putting diapers on him at night. This will not give him an opportunity to go in his diaper. Does he come to you after he has gone in his pants? If he does than I would let him know that he must go to the bathroom and stand by the toilet ( I would get just a seat to stick over your seat for him) until he tells you that he is going to use it. Also if he likes school let him know that if he doesnt start using the toilet that he will not be allowed back in school, now if he doesnt care for school so much then dont use this one lol. I would just say be pateint and let him go at his own pace he will get it. Be consistant very important and maybe even make him clean the mess himself. This may sound awful however when they see and deal with what you must then it can change their minds as well. Use reversed physcology. Trust me it works if done correctly even on adults... Best of luck to you and your little one!!


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