My 3 year old still won't eat!

Kelly - posted on 04/23/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son turned 3 last January, and ever since we switched to table foods around 12 months, he's become a VERY picky eater! He won't eat sandwiches or soups, will only eat chicken if it's been breaded (nuggets) and won't touch any other meat. He will only eat vegetables and fruits if they are pureed like baby food, except for grapes and carrot sticks and the occasional apple slice. I've tried fixing food in a VARIEY of ways, and even enlisted his help to no avail. He goes to a daycare center during the day and eats with other children his age, and is just as picky there. His doctor doesn't feel it's an issue, but I do. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do????


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Shanna - posted on 04/24/2010




My daughter Bella who is also 3 just now started eating better. She is very picky, and would not eat even foods that most kids love. I have been concerned for a long time. I have taken her to several doctors for different oppinions. They all say there is nothing to worry about and she is fine. She only weighs 29 pounds. Hope this helps!!!

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With both of my kids, if they consistantly refused healthy food and only wanted the bad stuff, I would do this. Sit them down in the morning and let them know they will not get the foods and drinks they want until after they eat the food I have for them. With my kids it's always the veggies they refuse at certain ages (for lunch and dinner). So that's the only thing I put on their plates and nothing else besides a glass of water is given to them until all or almost all of the veggies are gone. If they try to hold out that's fine, when they are asking for food and sweet drinks again, I remind them of my rule I stated that morning and tell them you may have what you want after you eat your veggies. I don't try to make them eat things they don't like, just make sure they don't skip the healthy stuff and go for the unhealthy fatting and sweet foods. I do require they taste it repeatedly over time to get them to develop a taste for foods they were against in the beginning. It does work, but if they absolutely can't stand it, then I don't require anything for that food. After they get a little older I will require one "serving spoon" full of the veggies they don't like. I refused veggies when I was a kid and didn't eat them until I was a teen when I was told to do the serving spoon rule, and it worked I absolutely love veggies these days, it didn't take very long for me to start likeing them. After my kids eat the foods they were avoiding I quickly put the rest of their meal on their plates and have them eat as much as they want of that. Then they may have the foods and drinks they had been asking for. My nephew is the only kid I have known to hold out no matter what for a long time and skimp when he could. He did loose a lot of weight at 7 yrs old, so we put him on ensure suggested by the grandfather that is a pediatrian. We continued pushing the veggies and he did begain to eat them after almost two weeks. He gained all the weight back and did just fine growing up. Kids eat when they are hungry and if they get stubborn then you can supliment their diet and stick to your guns as their mom. But don't let them fill up on things they eat too much of and then a few hours later try to get them to eat other things, it wont work, they have to be hungry to give in. But they give in every time, eventually. My kids try holding out 2-3 times every time they refuse foods, but it doesn't work and they do eat. In those 2-3 eating attempts it may be 3-4 hours, but I don't give in, and then they can have what they want afterwards.

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