My 3 yr old does not sleep.

Lisa Marie - posted on 02/01/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I've tried everything, no juice or sugar after 7:00pm, reading to him, TV, no TV, laying down with him, lights out/door closed. Nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions.


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Oh and whatever routine starts to work stick to it, I would choose one activity and stick to it before bed, I would suggest read a story before going to bed, no staying with him/her as that's probably what he/she wants but it's bed time and time for sleep :@)

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It could be separation anxiety where he/she thinks they are missing out or want to be with you. Is there any light in the room that is bright if son/daughter has a light a night this could be over stimulating and cause your son/daughter to wake at night. We had a light for our son we took the bulb out of it, plugged it in and showed him it and said it was broken. Try telling him/her when all snug in bed that mummy is going to bed now night night see you in the morning, go to sleep now i know it is a white lie but it works with our son as he was the same not sleeping and screaming for us x. Does your son /daughter eat milk chocolate as it contains cocoa and can make some children hyperactive, dark cheese can also be a stimulant so stick to white cheeses, they say the more colour the more e numbers and additives. We did all these things and he now sleeps through at night. Hope this is helpful for you x

Joanne - posted on 02/01/2009




Hi Lisa, bedtime trouble is always a nightmare! My little boy is 21 months old and our bedtime routine starts at 6, starts with a bath with lots of lavender bubbles, then i will dim the lights and read to him while he has a warm milky drink, (no toys allowed out after 6pm) and i just took him up to bed. the first few nights are always tough but the key is to stay strong, they will soon realise bed means sleep, and you mean business. If your little one does not give in just keep laying him/her down without talking, it may take a while but it will work. I am now at the stage where Adam will wave to me and walk himself upstairs just before 7pm and i follow his lead. Good luck!

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