my 3yr. old agressive hitting

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How do I get my 3 yr. old to stop with the agressive hitting please help


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April - posted on 05/30/2009




I am working on the same problem. I have actually done the same thing as Lara, it has worked. We also take a toy away when this behavior comes about and then if he is doign well he can earn toys back. The combo has really seemed to decrease the behavior. I also thought something may be wrong but now that things have slowed down ive changed my thought. Maybe its just the age of testing and trying to find out whos boss! Good luck!

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hi i had exactly this problem with my son at that age. i literally could not take him anywhere without him getting aggressive towards someone hitting/biting/scratching all i could do was if he became aggressive i would sit him on my knee and it was a struggle sometimes because he would start on me but i would keep him there for 2 minutes then let him go again. if he got aggressive again i would repeat this until he didnt do it. it instils in them that you cant play if you behave in that you and you have to be firm and consistent (ignore the glares of the other mothers i used to get it all the time!!) i understand how difficult it is i have ended up in tears with this and i actually thought something was wrong with my son but after about 7 or 8 months of constant reminding how he must behave it worked and now he is an absolute delight. good luck :)

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