my 3yr old son traped his finger in door 2 days ago he is fine and there are no broken bones. i feel so guilty any helppful advise

Janine - posted on 06/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 3yr old got his fingers trapped in door where hinges are lot's of blood and slight hysteria i called ambulance and it felt likr they took forever to get here. we got to hospital nothing broken thwy cleaned and dressed it and told me he would be fine, but i still feel so guilty.


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You didn't do it on purpose so there's no reason to feel guilty. My son cartwheeled off of our deck a few weeks ago. I felt terrible because I had let him climb up there by himself, but he was okay (more scared than anything) and has learned that steps can be dangerous. Accidents happen. Like others have said, kids will get hurt but they're very resilient. You both have now learned a very important lesson and can grow from there.

Malinda - posted on 06/18/2009




My son did the same thing w/ his closet door. I made sure he wasn't seriously hurt, then I made him laugh to take his mind off the pain and he forgot all about it. :-)

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nicole is right. you just have to roll with the punches and realize that you cannot protect your children from everything. in fact, it might be better not to, as they learn to deal with setbacks, disappointment, and consequences better if you let go a little. my son is a little guy too (2.7 years) and he's dislocated his left elbow 3 times (nursemaid's elbow, once while he was *sleeping*!!), fallen down the stairs 2 times, rolled off the changing table, and burned his fingers on the stove. it always feels completely horrible, but he recovers and learns: the stove is hot! mommy was right, don't touch it!!

a great thing about little kids is that they have soft bones and they are low to the ground. falling and hurting themselves is less traumatic at that age and they recover really quickly. they are also more resilient than i think we give them credit for. it's we mommies who are softies and torn up about it all!

Nicole - posted on 06/18/2009




i know it's hard not to feel guilty when something like that happens to one of your children, but try not to. he's a toddler. accidents are going to happen! i'm sure that's not going to be the last accident either. kids are going to fall and bump their heads and scrape up their knees, but that's part of growing up. and who can make it all better? YOU! mommies are superheroes to their kids. you're the one that can take all the pain away and make everything better. in a couple days when it's all healed and taken care of, he won't even remember it happened. hang in there! the guilt will pass. hope this helps!!

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