my 3yr olds manners have got worse

Anna - posted on 03/30/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my boys manners & attitude have got really bad since he started nursery. he attacks his baby sister & me. what can i do to get him to be good?


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Louise - posted on 03/30/2010




This is the only way a child knows how to get mums full attention when there is a younger sibbling around. Try not to scold him to much as this is giving him attention even though you are telling him off it is still your full attention. Praise and I mean over do the praise for good behaviour and try and ignore the silly stuff. Obviously you can not have him lash out at you or your other children so introduce the naughty step for this. Worn him that he will sit there if he continues to misbehave and then put him there telling him why for 3 minutes. If he moves put him back with no verbal or eye contact. Children hate to be ignored and he should get the message pretty quickly.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/30/2010




please don't be mad, but sounds like your son is jealous and doing the only thing her knows to get more attention. Relax, a lot of kids are like this, they see that they are not the only one now and get mad. I know you do, When your baby is asleep do something special with your older son. Watch a movie together, eat popcorn, paint... Let him know that he is still loved and right now the baby needs a little more attention. Do you pump? If so give your oldest a bottle to feed to his brother, let him feel as though he is helping mommy and not just sitting on the side.

My daughter was this was when her sister was born and I found it easier to give her little helping chores, than to get onto her for every little thing she was doing wrong. The manner and the attitude also are impacted by this and it will get better...Once her understands and has his own little "job" you will see improvement. Good luck and hope it was helpful

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