My 3yr wants to be the baby still!!

Stephanie - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Here is my dilema i have a 2 yr,a 3yr and a 8yr old all are boys so they are fairly rough as they say boys will be boys and my 2yr gets knocked down and bumped during play time and he gets up and keeps playing as if nothing happens so does my 8yr old my 3yr old on the other hand he cries and screams for bloody murder as if the world fell on him and i was tryin to be comforting and understanding but now it's really starting to bug me beceuase he is in school now and he is around other kids his age and i thought that would make it get better but it seems to only be staying the same so what do i do to learn to talk and tell me if he is hurt ? or how do i handle him when his having a fit?


Valerie - posted on 12/01/2009




each child is unique so it is wonderful that you were so comforting to him rather than expecting him to respond the same as his brothers...children are either giving love or calling for seems to be a call for attention...i would attempt to give him attention outside of the crisis to wean him of that need...when he comes get curious...ooh you are upset what's the problem? don't try to minimize the problem as it will only get bigger...then ask him what would be helpful? and help him to problem solve his problem...if he can't come up with any ideas you can help but it is best if he can come up with what he thinks will help...after you have comforted him talk about what would be helpful to you when he is having a problem...mommy would like you to come quietly if you need a hug or to talk rather than screaming...what would help you to do that? again problem solving...ask his teachers too for suggestions but if it is to ignore him i disagree...i am a parenting coach and ignoring does not make problems go away

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