My 4 year old is having problems with bad dreams!!!

Erika - posted on 12/08/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




I've tried to keep a routine and put him back to bed when he gets out but its almost every night! Please help!!! How do I stop or prevent bad dreams.


Erika - posted on 12/12/2008




We started saying some prayers before bed and its working so far. We ask that God protect him and watch over him. We ask for only good dreams. In the morning we thank God for the good night sleep and for the beautiful day ahead of us.

3 nights in a row without a bad dream! Thank you!!!


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Valerie - posted on 07/25/2013




One night my son had a bad dream. He was so upset and wanted to come to sleep with us.. I said "no you have to sleep in your room like a big boy. The reason why you had the bad dream is because you have a mess in here. Let's clean it up so the Angels can protect your dreams." He said "ok" and he has never had a bad dream since. Some times we will go to bed late and I will say "oh no your room is still a mess we will clean it tomorrow first thing." He will say "what you want me to have bad dreams?" then he cleans his room and goies to sleep. This doesn't work for my younger son because his room is always clean. I have a good dream angle that lights up all night long... doesn't work. We pray... doesn't work I told him today the reason why he has bad dreams is because he doesn't listen to me the first time I ask him to do something. That the nights he has good dreams are on the days that he was a good boy all day long. We will see if that works.

Katie - posted on 12/13/2008




If prayer doesn't continue to work I have a suggestion: My son made a dream catcher. We told him it would catch all his bad dreams for him, for my oldest son it worked.

Melissa - posted on 12/10/2008




My daughter has had bad dreams/trouble sleeping since she was 1. Now she is 3 and doing much better. We say a simple prayer at night before bed and ask for sweet dreams. Then I created a spray to use in her room before I leave her. We call it "Sweet Dream Spray". It's just a bottle of water that I decorated w/ colorful markers, stickers, etc...

We don't let her play with it or even touch it anytime except nap and night-time. It's really been helpful (along w/ prayer too). Hope you and your son have some pleasant dreams soon.

Lisa - posted on 12/09/2008




My 3 year old was having lots of bad dreams for a while, he was awake enought to tell me about them and it was quite scary for me too. We are Christians and found that Prayer was the best "remedy" : ) We taught him to say "Jesus and I want you to go away" when he saw something scary. And now we always pray for protection and good dreams before bedtime. Not only has prayer kept him from having bad dreams, but it's deepend his faith by experiencing the peace found in a relationship with God!

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