My 5 year old has said 'I want to do Gymnastics.' I live in Bowie, MD. Any ideas?


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Cathy - posted on 01/01/2009




In Columbia we have a gymnastics bus called Gymnastics Express! It's a bus that has been converted into a gym and goes to preschools and daycare centers in our city and teaches gymnastics weekly. The lessons are during the day and it is a great convenience! Might want to check on the internet and see if your community has anything like that. My (almost 3) daughter also does swimming lessons this way, as the swim school she attends sends a van to the daycare. By the way, the daycare director ALWAYS attends with the kids. There are probably 8 of the children that attend each activity.

BTW - my daughter LOVES both. I see real progress in her tumbling and balance. Gymnastics has added a new dimension to her playtime and how she uses her imagination, too!

Shannon - posted on 12/31/2008




My 4yr.old started gymnastics at 18months and so has my 2yr. old daughter. They love it. Look up gymnastics in your area and call them some may let you come out and do a free trial.

Stephanie - posted on 12/31/2008




have you tried typing in the interenet, gymnastic places in bowie, MD. or look in the phone book? My 4 yr old started gymnastics in the fall, she absoultly loves it.

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