my 5 year old still does num. 1 on bed..


Annemaree - posted on 04/02/2010




as frustraiting as it is theres nothin wrong! my niece is 6 n she still wheres nappies she has been tested for every thing like diabeties n urine infections bladder problems u name it shes had the test the docs have said that she just trying to cling on to babyhood ... dont know how true that is tho ............. maybe leave the light on for ur child and makea game of it for every time she wakes u up in the nite to go to the toilet mummy has to do a silly dance for him/her lol shell b wanting to get up n use the toilet just to c u acting like u have ants in ur pants he he my sister has also tryed letting her sleep in her mess no matter how cold n wet it is but that hasnt seemed to work yet it did for her boy,, all i can say is good luck

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